Using the Micro Forge

Ok - I too have always wanted a Riveters" forge. They look so sleek, light and quick to get going. Perfect for that Tuesday night after dinner small heat treatment step in the work flow. Even better, what if it could be used at events ! No breaking down, loading, unloading, setting up and back again of the full size forge. Sweet. Or so I thought until I built and tried mine.

Micro forge on vise table . Lighter = scale

Ever present green coffee cup

Tuyere system, 2' old pipe
Does it work, Yes it does. Will I use it again , probably not.
Big flaw is the size of the fire. I thought the 1" air flow would be a problem but it's not and an ash grate ? anything will work. As long as I left the blower on all was well but when air was cut the fire started to go out. I am accustomed to banking my fire to take the dog around the block, eat lunch or go mess around elsewhere and return to a working fire. This one will never function that way. Thus worthless.
Note the sheer depth and scale of full size firepot below. Enough said.

Micro firepot

Full size firepot


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