Craftsman 2 x 42 grinder mod

If you take a look at the original Platen on this grinder you notice that only the chassis side has any rearward support, and not much at that. " Frog in the kettle " - I just noticed this week my original  platen was bent, way bent, rearwards on that unsupported non chassis side. Platen unusable, throw it in the scrap bin. In all fairness I have used this grinder A LOT and am amazed it still works. To me the cost and time to fix this grinder really well with heat tolerant glass fixed onto a tool steel platen and really trick tool rest system ` is just not worth it. Better to step up many grinder levels, but I can not yet, so here is my quick fix.
1/8" x 2" A36 angle iron + 2 slotted 5mm/10mm bolts { same allen key and wrench as tracking  }


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